Important Dates

The fifth annual Lifelog Search Challenge (LSC'22) will take place on 27th June during the ACM IMCR'22 conference, which is scheduled to take place between 27-30 June 2022 in Newark, NJ. The LSC is a participation workshop in which teams compete with each other to develop the leading PoV Egocentric Lifelog retrieval tool. As with all previous versions, LSC'22 will be a highly interactive and entertaining workshop modelled on the successful Video Browser Showdown annual competition at the MMM conference. LSC is a participation workshop, which means that all participants will write and present a paper, as well as taking part in the live interactive search challenge. Consequently, the workshop will have two parts, (1) oral presentations, and (2) the search challenge.
The format of the workshop was as follows:
  • A conventional first session with an introduction speaker, a panel discussion and oral presentation of research papers with a paper from each participant.
  • A second session which is the interactive search challenge, which will be open for all ICMR'22 delegates to attend. All participating groups will take part in the real-time competition, which will be configured in the manner described below.
The oral presentations (with associated papers) described the approaches taken to develop the interactive system for the search challenge. The workshop has an associated LSC dataset (see DATA page), which will be a new four month lifelog dataset.This dataset consists of rich multimodal lifelog data (wearable camera images, user activities and locations). Associated with the dataset will be 6 test and at least 24 evaluation multimodal topics representing challenging real-world information needs. We intend to use both expert and novice users for the search challenge.
The LSC workshop is now in the fifth year: The previous years events are archived below:
  • LSC'18 - The first LSC workshop was hosted at ACM ICMR 2018 in Yokohama, Japan.
  • LSC'19 - The second LSC2019 workshop took place at ACM ICMR 2020 in Ottawa, Canada
  • LSC'20 - The third LSC'20 took place as a fully virtual event, due to the covid restrictions. ACM ICMR was held virtually in Dublin, Ireland.
  • LSC'21 - The third LSC'20 took place as a fully virtual event, due to the covid restrictions. ACM ICMR was held virtually in Taipei, Taiwan.

Additionally, the LSC'18 collection was used for the Task Intelligence workshop at WSDM 2019. For details, please see the LSC'18 pages.
Proceedings of LSC'18, LSC'19, LSC'20 and LSC'21 are available on the ACM Digital Library. We announce also the proceedings of LSC'22 are now available on the ACM DL. The live stream will be available from 3pm EST on 27th June 2022.