Important Dates
LSC'24 uses the same dataset as LSC'22/23. This multimodal dataset was generated by one active lifelogger and is 18 months in length. The dataset is available for download. The dataset consists of three password protected files:

  • Core Image Dataset of wearable camera images, fully redacted and anonymised in 1024 x 768 resolution, captured using a Narrative Clip device. These images were collected during 2019-2020. All faces and readable text have been removed, as well as certain scenes and activities manually filtered out to respect local privacy requirements.
  • Metadata for the collection, consisting of textual metadata representing time and locations, etc…
  • Visual Concepts extracted from the non-redacted version of the visual dataset.

  • For access to the full dataset, please email cathal dot gurrin at
The topics for LSC'23 are available for use in developing the LSC'24 systems. They continue relevance judgements for KIS & QA topics. The LSC'19 topics are available for system testing as well as the LSC'20 topics with relevance judgements, the LSC'21 topics with relevance judgements and the LSC'22 topics with relevance judgements.

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