Important Dates
LSC'23 uses the same dataset as LSC'22. As with previous instances of the LSC competition, the multimodal dataset was generated by one active lifelogger and is 18 months in length. The dataset consists of three password protected files:
  • Core Image Dataset of wearable camera images, fully redacted and anonymised in 1024 x 768 resolution, captured using a Narrative Clip device. These images were collected during 2019-2020. All faces and readable text have been removed, as well as certain scenes and activities manually filtered out to respect local privacy requirements.
  • Metadata for the collection, consisting of textual metadata representing time and locations, etc…
  • Visual Concepts extracted from the non-redacted version of the visual dataset.
  • Additional Data:
    • The team of MyScéal has also provided a supplementary metadata file (vaisl_gps.csv) containing semantic names for location as well as some improvements to the original raw location data. The content and process of creating this file is described in the paper VAISL: Visual-Aware Identification of Semantic Locations in Lifelog. The Voxento developer (Ahmed) has made available a custom location metadata that solves an irregularity with flights (locations on flightpath being recorded); the metadata stores flight locations as departing airport - arrival airport. It is shared here for anyone who could find it useful.
  • For access to the full dataset, please email cathal dot gurrin at

LSC'23 Data Release Forms

Participants are required to sign two forms to access the datasets, an organisational agreement form for your organisation (signed by the research team leader) and an individual agreement form for each member of the research team that will access the data. The organisation agreement form should be sent to the LSC organisers ( in PDF format. The individual agreement form must be signed by all researchers who will use the data and kept by the organisation on file. It should not be sent to the organisers, unless requested at a later date.

  1. Organisation Agreement form: to be signed by the organisation to which the participants belong. This form must be signed and sent by email to LSC organisers (
  2. Individual Agreement form: to be signed by each individual researcher wishing to use the LSC data collection. This form must be filed by the participating organisation, but it does not need to be sent to the organisers.

Upon completion of this process, the participants will be sent details about how to access the dataset. Please note that the zip file is also password protected.

Participants who have used the LSC'22 dataset do not need to send a new agreement form, since the same dataset was used for LSC'22.

A suitable reference for the dataset in LSC and subsequent papers is as follows:

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