The Lifelog-2 session will take place on Thursday 7th December from 16:10 to 18:10. The schedule is as follows:

16:10 - Review of the Lifelog-2 Task (Cathal Gurrin & Hideo Joho)

16:30 - LSAT Sub-Task Review

- VCI2R at the LSAT Sub-Task (Quanli Xu)
- NTT at the LSAT Sub-Task (Yoshiaki Takimoto)
- DCU at the LSAT Sub-Task (Cathal Gurrin)

16:50 - LEST Sub-Task Review
- NTT at the LEST Sub-Task (Yoshiaki Takimoto)

17:00 - LIT Sub-Task Review
- Tsinghua University at the LIT Sub-Task (TBD)
- VCI2R at the LIT Sub-Task (Quanli Xu)
- DCU at the LIT Sub-Task (Cathal Gurrin)

17:20 - LAT Sub-Task Review
- NTT at the LAT Sub-Task (Yoshiaki Takimoto)

17:40 - Lifelog-3 Planning (Hideo Joho, Cathal Gurrin)