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NTCIR-Lifelog is a core task of the NTCIR-16 conference. This core task aims to advance the state-of-the-art research in lifelogging as an application of information retrieval. The methodology employed for the lifelog task at NTCIR-16 is based on the successfully deployed methodology from NTCIR-12-14.

For this year, we will focus on the most popular task from the previous lifelog tasks. The Lifelog Semantic Access Task (LSAT) is a known-item search task that can be undertaken in an interactive or automatic manner.
In this sub task, the participants have to retrieve a number of specific moments in a lifelogger's life. We define moments as semantic events, or activities that happened throughout the day. The task can best be compared to a known-item search task.

Example search tasks include:

  • Find the moment(s) where I was boarding an A380 on my way to China

  • Find the moment(s) where I am playing with my phone during a dinner date.

  • Find the moment(s) where I am preparing breakfast before heading to the airport to return home.

The LSAT sub task can be undertaken by participants in either an automatic manner or an interactive manner. Automatic runs assume that there was no user involvement in the search process beyond specifying the query. Interactive runs assume that there is a user involved in the search process that generates a query and selects which moments are considered correct for each topic. It is important that the correct task submission type is identified by participants when submitting runs. There will be 24 topics prepared for the task, which will be available from the NTCIR server.


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Recommended Reading:
  • The following are a list of publications related to the NTCIR-Lifelog Benchmarking Activity
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Paper Submission:
  • Full details of the paper submission process and the templates to use are now on the NTCIR website. Please note that the deadlines for the Lifelog and RCIR tasks are separate from the default NTICR deadlines. Please note also that the paper limit is 8 pages.
  • When referring to the NTCIR16-Lifelog4 task, please cite the following publication. Please note that these details are likely to be updated closer to the actual publication date. We will circulate a draft version of this paper once all runs are received and processed. At the moment, you can assume that the paper will describe the challenge and sub-task, the dataset and compare the different submitted runs.
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