Important Dates
Cathal Gurrin
Cathal Gurrin is a senior lecturer at Dublin City University and has been an active lifelogger since 2006 when he began to work with wearable cameras and sensors. His research ream is developing search and organization technologies for such personal data archives, which he refers to as the 'search engine of the self'. He is the author of the recent FNTIR article on Lifelogging and has been the general chair of ECIR 2011, MMM 2014, MB 2016 and will be the co-general chair of MMM 2017. He is a recognised researcher in the field of Lifelogging, with his research having featured by the Economist, New York Times, BBC and Discovery Channel in recent years.


Duc Tien Dang Nguyen

Duc Tien Dang Nguyen is a Postdoctoral researcher in Computer Science, at Dublin City University. He is actively involved in developing new lifelogging analytics engines and commercialisation of lifelogging tools.


Hideo Joho
Hideo Joho is an associate professor at the Faculty of Library, Information, and Media Science, University of Tsukuba and a member of Research Center for Knowledge Communities, University of Tsukuba. He runs the Information Seeking and Retrieval Laboratory which focuses on interactive aspects of everyday search. He is also heavily involved in hosting conferences (co-GC of ACM SIGIR 2017) and benchmarking activates such as the Actionable Knowledge Graph task and the Lifelog tasks of NTCIR in 2017.

Klaus Schoeffmann
Klaus Schoeffmann is associate professor in the distributed multimedia systems research group at the Institute of Information Technology at Klagenfurt University. His research focuses on multimedia information retrieval, human-computer interaction with multimedia data (e.g., video browsing and mobile interaction), and video analysis. He has co-organized conferences, special sessions and workshops (e.g., MMM 2012, CBMI 2013, VisHMC 2014, MMC 2014 – MMC 2017) and he is co-founder of the Video Browser Showdown (VBS).

Michael Riegler
Michael Riegler is a research scientist at Simula Research Laboratory. His research interests are endoscopic video analysis and understanding, image processing, image retrieval, parallel processing, gamification and serious games, crowdsourcing, social computing and user intentions. Furthermore he is involved in several initiatives like the MediaEval Benchmarking initiative for Multimedia Evaluation.

Luca Piras (University of Cagliari)
Luca Piras is research associate at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari. His main area of expertise is on analysis and automatic classification of multimedia documents, content-based image retrieval and relevance feedback techniques. He is a member of the program committee in a number of conferences in the field of pattern recognition and its applications, and regularly acts as a reviewer. He is also co-organiser of the ImageCLEF Lifelog task.

Liting Zhou

Liting Zhou is a PhD student at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at DCU. Liting was a research assistant at DCU for the last 3 years before moving onto the PhD register. Liting was the local organising chair of MB 2016 and ensured the smooth operation of NTCIR-12 Lifelog. Liting’s research is exploring how lifelogs can be used as memory support tools.